INSELSTAAT ROTTWEILERS is named after our Island State home, Tasmania.  I am a Rottweiler Enthusiast and Interacting with this breed gives me so much  enjoyment and relaxation, they are my Hobby.  When producing a litter It is to continue our hobby and no expense is spared in the pursuit to produce THE TOTAL  ROTTWEILER.  That I and any enthusiast of the breed would be proud of.  Along with conformation showing I compete in Obedience trials, Rally O trials,  All breeds shows, Specialty Rottweiler shows and Most important of all we Just enjoy the companionship of our dogs on walks at lakes fetching sticks ,balls and having fun, In 2016 we founded the Tasmanian Rottweiler Club. We  actively train and organise  social meets for like wise Rottweiler enthusiasts.  

Specializing in Frozen Semen, INSELSTAAT Rottweilers has been able to select World Class Sires with accolades in  Conformation and the working arena we aim to produce Rottweiler with sound utility dog Temperaments and Beauty. 

INSELSTAAT ROTTWEILER is currently working towards introducing  a national breed suitability test Designed by the NATIONAL ROTTWEILER CLUB OF AUSTRALIA  to further enhance our kennels dogs  

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James Brady